P h o n o   r i a a   p r e a m p l i f i e r   f o r   M C  c a r t r i d g e

model:  M M 7 0 m c


All solid state design

The  preamplifier M M 70 mc  is a complete phono moving coil riaa all solid state design that operate on class A . This preamplifier provide right amplification and equalization to standard riaa at the phono moving coil signal. The circuity use a discrete device for moving coil input, the active device has beed  selected at very low noise operation . For best clear sound just a one output capacitor as polipropylene audio grade is include in output circuity. A solid shielded cabinet as hi-tickness off 1,5 mm reduce interference from emc field for a better signal to noise ratio.

Great attention by designer has beed look around the power supply, this circuity operates with over ten-thousand microfarad capacitors for reduce the noise and best reseivor energy, this hi value capacitors works togheter with a special ultra low noise voltage regulator devices.


C O N V E N I E N C E    and   O P T I O N A L

  • Low noise selected solid state devices

  • Hi-shielded metal frame chassis

  • Separate power supply unit

  • Compact size dimension

  • Black ash "piano finish" plexiglass front panel as 8 mm tickness

  • Riaa equalization by precision components

  • Realy competitive prices

  • Just one stage for a great moving coil gain


no sides wood available for this unit

   S P E C I F I C A T I O N

(all measure by Audio Precision System One @ 230 V ac)


 M C phono riaa preamplifier 


M C  at 150 ohm  1500 pF


63 db (Mc)

Frequency Response

20 - 50Khz      +/- 0.3 db

Noise ratio

69db ( A )

Output Impedance

50 ohm

Voltage available

Power supply unit  @: 230-240 Vac / 110-120 Vac / 100V ac all voltage at 50 - 60 Hz

Overall Dimension and weight

225 x 55 x 155 (L x H x D mm) for main unit

weight  2.5 Kg  net

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