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P H O N O     R I A A     F A M I L Y   R A N G E

Phono family riaa stage and pre-pre /solid state / tube class A

Phono riaa model: MM 70 mm - MM input phono amp

This units is a solid state RIAA PHONO pre-amplifier and adopt in the circuit a special shunt regulators for low noise hi-dynamic sound and precision reproduction.
Actrative price, good sound is the solution for to have phono input for our VFI70L or MLA or obsolete amplifier with old mm input.

Phono riaa model: MM 70 MC - MC input phono amp

This is a version of MM70mm but with more gain for MC INPUT DIRECT. This unit adopt very fine components and for best performance of S/N ratio there is separate power supply.
The total gain is 62 db so is possible to connect directly to any AUX input. Application as MM70mm but for moving coil cartridge.

Phono pre-pre MC amp model: MM 70 pre-pre

The phono pre-pre is a step-up external module for moving coil catridge. It's output need a PHONO input because this unit is only a linear very low noise amplifier. The I.C. is a audio grade selection components with beatifull sound performance. GAIN=23 db.

The MC AMP (vpp02) phono pre-pre class a tube for MC step up

The MC-AMP is a step up units with tube amplifier operate on class A. The circuity use two valve ECC 88 low noise. Is possible to change external resistor charge for to have better interface between cartridge and input tube. Reference preamplifier. 

The PHONO MMP riaa tube class a preamplifier with Moving Magnet input

This unit is a pure class A operation. The circuity use three ECC 81 low noise type. The power supply circuits adopt new technology as low noise mosfet regulation with error bias control ! 

The total gain is 45 db and recommend to use with THE MC AMP for to obtain the  moving coil input stage.

T h e    P H O N O    A M P    S y s t e m  : 

riaa phono preamplifier for moving coil and moving magnet cartridge

Reference ALL tube circuity class A system phono preamplifier, accept two cartridge as moving magnet and moving coil.The phono preamplifier have two separate input selectable by user. A separate power supply garantee a very low noise operation so the moving coil input have a great S/N ratio. Moving coil input have direct triode operation without the low  performance of transformer step-up device. A great moving coil gain ( 66 db) can accept very low m.c. cartridge as 0.4 mV !


S p e c i f i c a t i o n

         common specification:

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MM 70 mm

I.C. mm input

47k mm  (MM)


200 ohm

225x85x300 10va 2.8kg

MM 70 mc

I.C. mc input

150 ohm (MC)


200 ohm

225x85x300 12va  3.5kg

MM 70 pre-p

I.C. pre-pre mc

active step-up

150 ohm (MC)


200 ohm

225x85x300 10va  2.8kg

MC AMP (vpp02)


tube triode

pre-pre mc

47 Kohm (MC variable)


600 ohm

225 x 85 x 300 35va  8.0kg

two chassis separate power supply

PHONO AMP system mm/mc

tube triode

2 inputs mm/mc

47 Kohm (MC)

47 kohm (MM)

mm=47 db

mc =66 db

290 ohm

400 x 85 x 300 70 v/a 9.0Kg

two chassis separate power supply


tube triode

mm input

47k mm (MM)

47 db

290 ohm

400x85x300 35va 9.0kg


Chrome versione of MC amp ( VPP02)  

 Phono mm (MMP)

Phono amp system two inputs mm/mc all tube with 

separate power supply


MM 70 series available in three version


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