H Y B R I D   S T E R E O   P O W E R   A M P L I F I E R   

M O D E L : V M 1 5 0

The design of this power amplifier is extremely simple and true audiophile:

The power supply employ three stages: regulation by semiconductors for anode-plate tube,very hi-reservor capacitors (30.000 uF) for output Mosfets, DC regulation also for filaments.
The electronics active and passive components are only premium grade quality: polipropilene capacitors on signal path,metal foil resistors, hi quality toroidal power supply tansformer.
This amplifier for better quality sound on signal path from input to output don't use any type of protection and current limitation on the power mosfets so is possible to drive low impedance loudspeakers with very good stability and authoritative sound !



Input sensibility 1.2V (factory set) 56Kohm
Output power RMS at 8 ohms 80 watts per channel
Distorsion 0.1% THD
Frequency response 15 - 50 Khz
Tube selection PCL 86 one per channel
Power supply 220vac-240vac-110vac 300 va
Dimension 400 x 105 x 300 (l x h x p)
Weigh net 13 kilos

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